petao za levu stranu petao za levu stranu

Vranic Farm is one of the first private companies within poultry industry on the territory of former  SFR Yugoslavia, Vojvodina and today’s modern Republic of Serbia.

Vranic Farm has structure and organization as the company which is doing business trough modern concept, continuously under the need of innovation, improvement of production technology as well as within constant monitoring and standard keeping.

Vranić Farm  has improved as well as upgraded production processes, as a company that exists on the market for more than 30 yrs as a leading private producer. 

Our goal  is product quality as a priority, as well as satisfaction of consumers of our products. Constant investments into production facilities, following the trends and innovations within processes of production technologies, as well as being under constant veterinarian control, are some of the ways of achieving our goals which are directed towards product quality as well as consumer satisfaction.


petao za levu stranu petao za levu stranu