petao za levu stranu petao za levu stranu

Our production facilities are functioning in regard of world quality standard troughout all segments: quality management, ways of production, sales and distribution.

We are fullfilling all demands of standards  JUS ISO 9001: 2008 for quality management, as well as for demands of HACCP CAC/RCP1-1969 Reg. 4, 2003 for system of food safety  management.

We insist on having competitive advantage among our competitors, while trying to differentiate our offer to the market and consumers. Developing and changing in tone with world trends, new technologies and needs of current markets.

We are aware that our most important partners in production procesess are our employees, so we pay special attention on human resources, working in acheiving interests in both ways for employer as well as for employees. 

As one of the participants on International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Vranic Farm had gained numerous certificates for quality of its products, since year of  2000.

For significant contribution within the regional business development, Vranic Farm had been awarded in year 2002, with diploma of Regional Economy Chamber of Novi Sad.

petao za levu stranu petao za levu stranu